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Shineray initiates preparations for the 111th CANTON FAIR 2012

Browse: 2661    Release Time: 2012-04-16 12:09:37

The 111th CANTON FAIR   is approaching. As one of the largest export and import exhibitions in China,Shineray could not bear the loss of opportunity to exhibit her leading products in the Fair.

In accordance with the schedule, Shineray will attend the exhibition from Apr. 15th to 19th. The show room Shineray booked covers 13.1 G25.26.27 13.1H22.23.24. Now the preparation for this big import and export event is, as schedule, on the wheels. Shineray is confident of giving all the guests a great impression on their products in the Fair.

Here, Shineray offers her invitation in advance to invite the guests to come and experience the excellence of her products together. Shineray’s ready, and how about you?

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